Predictions for 2022: Social Media

I knooow what you’re thinking right now: predictions? In these unstable times?

And actually, I agree with you. Almost everybody was wayyyy off with predictions and assumptions about last year. Seriously: Who would have thought that we would be going through a global health crisis on such a massive scale? So it’s definitely fair to say that one should take any prediction about how the future might turn out with a pinch of salt.

Last time I covered the topic of Relationships. This time, I’ll cover Social Media so let’s jump right into it.

👉 This an excerpt of the latest episode of my podcast Brain Storm 👈

Considering that people will be spending more time together, I expect the overall time they spend on social media platforms to drop. Not by a lot though, as a lot of fear of missing out will be fueled by an increase in posts by individual accounts who will be sharing personal and private insights from all the exciting things they are doing. So although overall usage time might decrease, the engagement rates of individuals might actually even be higher than before, because now everybody has something to share.

Many people spent a big part of their time last year on social media, and a lot of our clients gained many new active followers in the last 12 months. I expect these newly built habits to stick, so many people who started to use social media more frequently will remain active on quite a high level on these platforms. Brands that put a lot of work to build up their presence on social media will continue to engage with their followers to further build their brand reputation.

E-Commerce and Social Commerce has finally established themselves as a reliable and dominant revenue stream for brands. Many people have discovered the conveniences of shopping online and even directly from within social media apps and I don’t think they will switch back again. This doesn’t mean there’s no longer any need for traditional brick and mortar shops. I’m actually quite sure that the social experience of shopping will return, just the consumption may not.

TikTok is my absolute favourite platform when it comes to creative and engaging content right now. Its aesthetics and style of fast-paced, entertaining content will spread throughout the social media landscape like wildfire this year. With the introduction of reels, Instagram has already tried to position itself to compete with this trend within its app, yet I doubt that they will be able to eat up TikTok’s market share the same way they did with Snapchat when they introduced stories on Instagram.

TikTok also brings the immediacy and simplicity of constant live streams and product reviews. Everything on TikTok feels more direct and less pretentious than on Instagram, which makes it really inviting to a broad customer base. I believe that more and more consumers will adopt this way of shopping and will start informing themselves about potential purchases through reviews and live streams in Social Media apps. It’s hard to say whether this new shopping trend will happen mostly on TikTok, but I think it underlines my point that shopping within social media will become huge. TikTok does have the great advantage though that its Chinese app “Douyin” is already a fully-fledged shopping platform in itself. Check out this article here on more about eCommerce on TikTok.

Listen to the full podcast episode here and stay tuned for some more excerpts on Medium.

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