And why I think flex office could be the bestestes thing for a company. Okay, grab your Monday morning coffee and procrastinate with me:

Again: Why TF Am I Going To Run For 3 Hours?

⏱ Next Saturday (31.07.2021) I’m going to run for 3 hours some trails for the Fundraiser “Running Up For Air” by Patagonia.

You see, Air pollution…

And on how running is changing my life one step at a time.

🥳 2nd Vaccination Done Baby 🥳

Exactamundo! I had my second COVID-Vaccine last Friday and again: what an experience!

But first of all, I want to take some rows in this newsletter to appreciate how smooth the vaccination process went for me.

  1. You…

Metin Senler

I love thinking about social media, tech and business so much, I started companies around those topics and love to talk and teach about them.

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